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Xorg7.4 brings input hotplugging and new intel drivers

The recent update in the Xorg package broke the settings for quite a few people. Xorg7.4 brings with it input-hotplugging, meaning that input devices are now detected by hal dynamically as and when they are added. Hence, the good old /etc/X11/xorg.conf now needs to be modified to be used with the new evdev driver.

Keyboard, touchpad, mouse, etc are now to be configured in hal policies, in arch its located here, /etc/hal/fdi/policy/. The wiki entry describes in detail the whole process. Offcourse you can just disable the hotplugging feature altogether, by adding the following in the xorg configuration,

Section "ServerFlags"
Option "AutoAddDevices" "False"

Along with the change in input device configuration, the new Xorg also brings us the new intel driver, which also replaces the i810 driver for intel chipsets. And voila, glxgears no more shows the usual framerate, instead the refresh rate is displayed. It also displays an error regarding the “TTM buffer manager”, which is supposed to be fixed with the arrival of the linux 2.6.28 kernel.

So, those of you who haven’t updated their system yet, take a look around and edit the X configuration accordingly before you restart X and get into a situation where neither your keyboard or mouse works.

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