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Emacs configs and Github

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Its been quite a while since I last had time to write something! Well, not so much as lack of time, but maybe lack of stuff to write about. I have been working in a completely different domain for the last 3 months or so.

Anyways, one of the many things I did to keep my work environment sane and to make my emacs experience better, was to learn a bit of elisp. Then I almost threw away from the previous ~/.emacs that I had, and moved everything together in ~/.emacs.d . Now I’d say thats not the most brilliant idea, since, I made the decision and realised the backup was a week old!

However, my emacs configuration is a lot better now than what it used to be. Things are kept and maintained in a more logical order, or so I presume. Oh! and Github! I now have a real backup system, complete with delta and such.

For the more curious of you, here is the link to the public git repo of my emacs configuration directory.

So let me know how I can improve the elisp-foo in there. Also do share your own methodologies of maintaining your emacs config, the plugins and so on.

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