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Live CD ain’t all that easy

May 13, 2009 1 comment

Whoa. I have been hearing about the linux-live thing for a while now, thought of using it for making a live-cd of the LFS project I was working on for the final year project. Now, while I did follow the LFS book, I wanted to ship with slightly more recent versions of the packages and ended up with kernel 2.6.29

First it complained about AUFS support not being there (yes I forgot to compile that module :P) then the linux-live script worked fine but the resulting iso would only boot into a blank screen. I wish I knew enough to find out what the actual problem was 😦

Turns out there is (was?) another live cd making script available. Larch. Though evidently it is supposed to have been made keeping Arch in mind, the site claims it is compatible with other distros too. Hmmm. Guess what I got with it?

Kernel Panic – Not Syncing: Attempted To Kill Init Error

Wonder what went wrong! Then I got a plan, lets livify the Arch that I use as my main system. 10 minutes later I was starring at the same error. Whoa. I was kinda relieved as I thought that my initscripts were at fault here.

Luckily, my project guide accepted the work without the live-cd and here I am stuck with a final year project and no idea how to show it to the rest of the world!

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