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Idling at home!

May 15, 2009 1 comment

In between browsing stackoverflow and going back to watching movies, at times I feel like writing something. Well not literature per se, its coding I am talking about. I am at this strange junction where language, syntax and paradigm comes across as easilly understandable, however, none of my pet projects ever gets to see the end of it.

Its either “oh boy this database querrying stuff is boring”, or “html and css? hmm lets drop this whole web app thing”, and sometimes sudoku is too challenging while project euler isn’t interesting at all to spend an afternoon chasing maths.

I do read the programming sections in arch forums and ubuntu forums, and yes stackoverflow too, which brings me back to this feeling that despite having studied CS I dont have much coding experience. I know computational theory is quite good but we really had too much theory in unniversity.

So, for this week, I chose yet another language to take a sneak peak into. Ruby. The poignant guide is one of the most amusing texts I have read so far. I seriously hope someday studying all this languages will open my mind to a different dimension where the programming gods finally bless me and I get to complete my first pet project.

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