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Managing my windows

May 17, 2009 4 comments

Hah, what a joke. I have been using XMonad for about a year now (well I kept trying different things in between, but came back to it everytime). The most prominent ones (based on how long I used it) other than XMonad are StumpWM, Awesome (2.x) and Openbox.

This morning however, I was particularly inclined to give ratpoison a try once more. Yes, its StumpWM old stable, but still I thought that since I know C better than Lisp, I might enjoy the experience after all. An hour later of searching through DeviantArt for beautiful ratpoison setups to inspire me, I came across ScrotWM (sounds awkwards I know). It is in AUR, so a makepkg later I was ready to run a spanking new WM, which turned out to be quite a disappointment since xft fonts won’t work, and google didn’t turn up enough documentation. Hell, it aint any different from Awesome and XMonad either.

So, I was getting cosy with a decent ratpoison setup, and a problem with gaps showing up alongside the terminal borders, led me to google and finally to Musca. Yet another window manager. Phew. The developer apparently inspired from dwm and ratpoison, tried to combine the best of both worlds. Guess what, its got a huge thread in the Arch Forums too. How come I didn’t notice it earlier?

So then, as it turns out, Musca is ratpoison (or StumpWM for that matter) with the keybindings done right. MPlayer has some problems getting fullscreen, till I used -fstype=none (yea my friend google told me that), made an alias to set it right once and for all. Its written in C, and only 1 file! Tried reading the source, not much luck there though.

Hence, Musca stays on my system for the time being, and till I re-energise myself to configure it to my hearts content, I am back to XMonad.

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