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Starting wireless from the terminal

December 21, 2008 3 comments

Wicd has always been nice to me 🙂 However, there are times when I don’t need X, and so I manually up the wireless using ifconfig and iwconfig. The Arch wiki suggests that I use network profiles along with netcfg. Its nice but for a simple dhcp or a static IP one shouldn’t have to install another app.

It was then that one user in #archlinux gave me a script to bring up the wireless interface with a simple script in rc.d. Pretty simple, clean and plays along nicely with Arch’s KISS principle I would say. I changed the dhcp to static (yes I use it at home only, so no need for dhcp at the moment), and there she comes up precious. 🙂

The usage is a simple /etc/rc.d/wifi {start|stop|restart }

No more typing in a thousand things, and I got a nice Arch way of doing it. For anyone interested, I dropped it in here, just grab the wifi file and place it in /etc/rc.d/ and offcourse make it executable.

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